Johnny Foreigner have put together an amazing map, drawn by guitarist Lewes. A full resolution, A1-sized copy of the map will be offered to the first 100 people who pre-order Johnny Foreigner's upcoming album You Can Do Better, out on March 10th via Alcopop! Records.

This is what the band had to say about their "art-attack" adventure:

"It seems like every time we make a record, me and Lewes have to invent some giant time consuming art project that complements it. We were pretty sure that nothing would take as long to create and arrange as the Vs Everything book, and started on the map thinking it would take an afternoon of drawing some lines and a couple more to make them make sense. We were very wrong and now have a new respect for cartographers.

We've always been kinda obsessed by "the map is not the territory". Wiki can explain this far better than I, but it's essentially a comment on how our realities are shaped by iconography and signs, a series of maps that we use to provide our personalised take on the truth. Truth in fiction is an underlying theme of this album, and, wheras Waited Up was so lyrically literal we made a Googlemap for it, a lot of these songs use an almost generic dream backdrop; the kind of big capital city that has more in common with other capitals than the country it sits in.

So creating The Map seemed like the right thing to do. It might not be your/anyones/a "real" city, but you'll find places you've been and views you recognise, so i'd like to contend that it's more accurate and "truthful" than an A-Z, even if it's not of much practical help. A series of relatable icons and signs. The map is not the territory."

You Can do Better goes on pre-sale this Sunday (February 9th) here; the first 100 pre-orders will get an A1 copy of the map (limited numbers of the map will also be available with the album in all good indie record shops), which you can check out below in full detail (zoom in!).

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