Hearts were set asunder last weekend as a previously unannounced blimp sporting Aphex Twin's logo was spotted over London. It was the first many have heard from the illustrious producer, who hasn't released an official full-length LP in 13 years. Naturally, rumours flew and excitement flew higher.

Shortly there after, Warp confirmed that James was indeed going to release a brand new LP, Syro, coming September 22nd and 23rd.

In an upcoming interview with Fader, James spoke of the work, saying, "I'd stockpiled up so much stuff and you can kind of have to draw a line under it somewhere. By banging something out it, it’s like the end of the chapter. It properly draws a line under it and allows you to move on."

"I collect sounds from other records so I have to know where they come from and how they’re made," he continues, later confirming that Syro will not be the end of Aphex Twin.

In an interview with Pitchfork, he also lays into Kanye for ripping him off with his "sample" of 'Avril 14th' on 'Blame Game' (taken from My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy):

"Is it a sample? I actually don't know what it ended up being in the end, I'm so slack. I know that he tried to fucking rip me off and claim that he'd written it, and they tried to get away with not paying. I was really helpful, and when they first sent it to me, I was like, 'Oh, I can re-do that for you, if you like,' because they'd sampled it really badly and time-stretched it and there was loads of artifacts. I was like, 'I'll just replay it for you at that speed if you want.' And they totally didn't even say 'hello' or 'thanks,' they just replied with, 'It's not yours, it's ours, and we're not even asking you any more.'" [laughs]

In some laborious research from other parties, several previously played tracks appear to be material from the new album, which can be ordered on limited-edition triple vinyl here. The full tracklist can be seen here as well.

A portion of '4 bit 9d api+e+6' appears to have been performed at a 2007 ATP show, while '2010 XMAS_EveT10 (thanaton3 mix)' was performed in 2010 (then as 'Metz'), which now has official copyright claim by Warp. 'minipops 67 [120.2][source field mix]' has also been around, previously dubbed as 'The Manchester Track'. Listen to all three aforementioned bits below.