Platform: Android, iOS

Epic Skater, the first game from developers UpUpStart whose members include ex-Tony Hawks Pro Skater and Guitar Hero devs , is a new game for Android and iOS that looks to combine classic pre-free roaming THPS time-trial trickathon gameplay with the more modern touchscreen-oriented antics of games like New Star Soccer and TouchGrind. The game mixes side-scrolling gameplay with hand-crafted 3D environments to “bust” your “phat moves” in, and what look like multiple paths through each level, presumably accessible by use of powerups or by doing some “kickin’ rad” skating. It also features some wonderfully obnoxious punk and metal in the soundtrack, very much reminiscent of the early days of skate games.

3D environments abound

As with many independent games developers, UpUpStart have joined in on the current vogue of Kickstarting their game, crowdsourcing funds to allow them to leave their jobs and work full-time on Epic Skater. Asking for $50,000, they’ve allowed a month to raise their funds and have also put in several bonus “stretch goals” as an added incentive to fund them even if they hit their target early. As dubious as we are about the current fad for kickstarting games, this does appear to be a very solid team, so it could be worth a shot!

Fingerflip to glory!

We’ve contacted UpUpStart for more slices of tasty detail pie, and await their response. We’ll certainly be following Epic Skater with interest over the next few weeks and see if Epic Skater will land clean, or turn out to be a dead HORSE, but in the meantime look at their Kickstarter and decide for yourself!

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