THE TIME IS NIGH. The culmination of my entire year. One week full of my absolute favorite things in the world that start with the letter b : Beer, Babes, Bands. Who knows where those three would rank on a normal day, but for one great week in March, it's all about BANDS. SXSW is one of the major jumpoffs for new bands. With the entire internet and virtually every magazine known to man in Austin, Texas, bands are made during this week. At SXSW 07 I saw Fujiya and Miyagi rock, got unknowingly introduced to Beach House, and saw Les Savy Fav LITERALLY bring down the roof of the venue. Last year was No Age, Vivian Girls, and Times New Viking's turn to show what they had to offer to all of us. So to prepare for SXSW 09, I've made two playlists of bands that will be making their way to our iPods and record players in the next year (if you're smart, they already are). With around 24 pages worth of bands coming to Austin to play this year's conference, how do you sort through it all and find out what to see? I'm so glad you asked. Just look here! What you have before you is pretty much a definitive list of bands that break out in 2000 and 9. I may sound cocky, but please let the music speak for itself and you'll see. I've gone through the 100s of bands, and picked out killer tracks you'll want to hear from these killer bands. Chances are you'll have heard of some of these bands before, but SXSW is when these bands become household names (in certain households). So without further ado, the lists. Loud And Fast And Heavy 1. Wildildlife - Feed (from the album Six) 2. Tweak Bird - Whorses (from the EP Reservations) 3. Tyvek - Frustration Rock (from the album FAST Metabolism) 4. Clipd Beaks - Hoarse Lords (from the album Hoarse Lords) 5. Kylesa - Unknown Awareness (from the upcoming album Static Tensions) 6. Zoroaster - Brazen Bull (from the album Dog Magic) 7. Earthless - Cherry Red (from the album Rhythms From A Cosmic Sky) 8. Black Cobra - El Doce De Octubre (from the album Bestial) 9. Black Tusk - Mind Moves Something (from the album Passage Through Purgatory) 10. Monotonix - Deadly Weapon (from the EP Body Language) 11. Annihilation Time - Bald Headed Woman (from the album III: Tales of the Ancient Age) 12. Pre - Slash In The Snake Pit (from the album Epic Fits) FULL PLAYLIST DOWNLOAD Metal may not have gone anywhere, but it's in it best form in years. From the slow and heavy Wildildlife to the fast and heavy Black Tusk, this is a playlist that shouldn't be fucked around with. I'm almost afraid to see all these bands because I want my hearing to be intact after I leave Austin. Kylesa, Zoroaster and Black Tusk all have more amps on stage than I've ever seen at any guitar store and Pre, Annihilation Time, and Tyvek are so intense and in your face that you'll miss songs if you walk off to the bar to get another beer. Parties will get formed and busted by the cops around all of these bands. These kids are on drugs 1. Gary Way - Eye In the Sky (from the album New Raytheonport) 2. King Khan His Shrines - Kukamonga Boogaloo (from the album Three Hairs and You're Mine) 3. Real Estate - Suburban Beverage (from the EP Real Estate) 4. Blank Dogs - Calling Over (from the EP Seconds) 5. Pocahaunted - No More Women (from the album Chains) 6. Mi Ami - Echononecho (from the album Watersports) 7. Indian Jewelry - Lesser Snake (from the album Invasive Exotics) 8. Robedoor - Fire In The Hole (from the album Endlessly Blazing) 9. U.S. Girls - Bits + Pieces (from the Gravel Days cassette) 10. Fight Bite - Never Let Go (from the album Emerald Eyes) 11. Ducktails - Lets Rock The Beach (from the Ducktails II cassette) 12. Nite Jewel - What Did He Say (from the album Good Evening) 13. BBQ - Tie Your Noose (from the album Tie Your Noose) 14. Zola Jesus - The Way (from the EP Poor Sons) 15. Magic Lantern - Feasting On Energy (from the album High Beams) FULL PLAYLIST DOWNLOAD (part 1, part 2) I'm SO looking forward to seeing these band. A lot of these bands are DIY to the extreme. Google Pocahaunted or Robedoor. See how their discography is endless? It's because they enjoy making music and sharing it with everyone. Bands are making cassette tapes of their live shows and jam sessions just to get their music out there. It's an excellent return to form of the music "industry". Some of these bands will lull you into the best meditative state ever, while some have energy to spare. Either way, I'm all for it. Support new, non-major label music by purchasing from Not Not Fun, DNT Distribution, and Volcanic Tongue and seeing these bands when they come your way. Check them out. Enjoy them. I know I will this week. I have to go because I'm going to pee myself from excitement, but I'll be making daily updates to the site all week including pictures/videos of performances, drunken ramblings and maybe some interviews. All follow me on twitter for drunken rambling to the extreme : heysupqt