This is essentially the line-up of our dreams.

And to extend that further, these are the acts that echo that warm hypnagogic feeling upon waking, where everything is carefree and bliss is everywhere as electronic bass-driven pop and sumptuous beats encompass you. Revered cultural entity The Playground are the people hosting the night of music at Koko, boasting talent such as XXYYXX, SALVA, Blackbird Blackbird, Slow Magic, Giraffage and Beat Culture, and here we're bringing you some choice selections from each act to whet your appetite.

Get your tickets for £15 from The Playground's website, for the event on Saturday 4th May at Koko, London. Doors open at 9pm and lights-up at 4am.

17 year old producer Marcel Everett is the man (boy?!) behind the moniker, who has an impressive CV of remixes behind him despite his tender age - including Usher. The Orlando-based whizz created a mix especially for us last year as part of our Plastic Platform series that you can download and it's one of the strongest in our series to date. He also landed a spot in our EPs of 2012 thanks to Mystify. You could say we're a fan.

Blackbird Blackbird
Here's another one who has featured on The 405 more times than we can remember - and who has also made a mix especially for us (pre-Plastic Platform times) back in 2011. If you were after the sound of summer get involved with the work of the San Franciscan - psychedelic pop bathed in liquid sunshine.

Fellow San Franciscan producer Giraffage aka Charlie Yin also has a penchant for smooth beats and pop nuggets - though with more of a mellow, downtempo vibe going one. Deep dream-pop for better days - for further listening check his mixtape for Gorilla vs. Bear that surfaced recently.

And if the meta love-in wasn't quite enough, here's a Blackbird Blackbird remix of a collaboration between XXYYXX & Giraffage:

Salva provides a more out-and-out party feel to his cuts, combining house elements though wrapped up in a suave groove-laden package. Last year he achieved notoriety for a collaborative remix of Kanye West's ‘Mercy’ that kinda set the Internet on fire, and earlier this year released his Odd Furniture EP that's out on Friends of Friends; 'Rest in 3-Piece' below is taken from the EP.

The other acts who we're also mad-keen on look a little like so:
Slow Magic, Beat Culture, Mt. Wolf, Niva and Molo. Make your Saturday night an awesome one.