Synth-pop duo Priest (formerly X priest X) have shared a brand new song called 'The Game', and it's an absolute stunner. It's the group's first release since 2014's Samurai EP, and the first taster of their upcoming debut album (out on May 5th via Emotion).

"I see the song as being very cinematic," Madeline Priest says in an email to the 405. "A lot of what we do is inspired by movies and this one especially is kind of like a film. It's meant to be a little dark but also hopeful. I guess in the end it's just a nihilistic love song."

"Where we recorded this in LA and you could climb up on the roof of the studio and see this amazing 360° view of the city," she continues. "After recording all day there was nothing better than going up there, having a drink and listening to what we did that day. Sometimes we take a break mid-session to watch the sunset. It was pretty great."

She also added she hoped people would like their new music venture: "I guess we want what every artist wants, for people to feel something."

Stream 'The Game' below.