Day 2 was a little more friendly on the ears compared to Day 1, that is until we headed into the auditorium for an hour of My Bloody Valentine. LOUDEST FUCKING THING I'VE EVER HEARD! A full-on auditory assault would be the nice way of describing it. Actually, come to think of it, Day 2 was really no different...the bands showed up and played their hearts out at maximum volume. I 'm still nursing a bruise on my hip from being slammed against the guard rail during Fucked Up's set, multiple times. Other highlights included blistering sets from Shellac, A Certain Ratio, Bat For Lashes, Magnolia Electric Co., Spiritualized, and Crystal Stilts (who are sounding better and better with every day)...oh yeah and some late-night dance party action which will remain semi-private. Crystal Stilts Vivian Girls A Certain Ratio The pummelling that was Fucked Up. Fucked Up, all up in my face... Joe Amstater in all his cinematic glory... My Bloody Valentine How our minds felt during My Bloody Valentine... Crowd during Shellac Shellac!!!! All work and no dance makes us very angry boys... Sunrise. Again. MP3: Shellac - Copper MP3: A Certain Ratio - Touch MP3: My Bloody Valentine - Only Shallow