Wadjet Eye Games' Primordia has finally received a greenlight for STEAM. The STEAM Greenlight system is based around user feedback in a YouTube/Facebook/Petition styled voting system. Basically, all independent software titles have to compete against one another to find fan backing and claw their way up to prominence in STEAM’s Greenlight chart.

Although the system is fundamentally a good one, managing to sift through and sort the quality from the not-so-quality games out there, it was pretty ridiculous for STEAM put Wadjet Eye Games through this process, as they already sell all their major catalogue up there without having to the Greenlight system.

Regardless, I am immensely happy to hear this news and you will see why in my review that'll be up on site December 5th.

Primordia is a post-apocalyptic point-and-click adventure game that features voice acting from the likes of Logan Cunningham from 2010’s Bastion. It will be released December 5th 2012 on the PC via Wadjet Eye Games' main website as a physical or digital download and of course STEAM as a digital download at a later date.