Whilst strolling through New York's Central Park on a balmy Tuesday evening, Taraka Larson of psychedelic-dance band Prince Rama was ambushed by the most unlikely group of attackers - a duo of raccoons. The Prince Rama frontwoman told Gothamist that she spotted "two little dance partners" blocking her path - though unfortunately for Larson, they were less John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John and more a pair of aggressive rodents, with one of them wrapping its claws round her leg and starting to bite.

At the moment of the surprise attack, she said that her "instinct took over" and she "just kicked it off and ran away." She subsequently took shelter in the nearby Plaza Hotel, before being taken to Roosevelt Hospital, upon where she was asked whether she was "Sure it was a raccoon that bit you?" However, these suspicions were instantly quashed by an Instagram snap she'd took moments before the attack, clearly depicting a snuffling raccoon nearby. She was then given 15 shots in her ankle to prevent the possibility of her contracting a Rabies infection.

Fortunately, apart from being (justifiably) shaken-up and having her Donna Summer track interrupted - she has laughed about the incident - telling ABC News her parents' surprise at her living unharmed for 20 years in Texas, but then being attacked by a raccoon in New York City. The incident has subsequently become a prominent news story in New York, with her being offered countless interviews - including the one with Gothamist in which she advised people: "If you see raccoons, run away." Make you sure take note of this advice, people - as ignoring it may well lead to a trashy Channel 5 pilot of 'When Raccoons Attack'.