Brooklyn psych-dance duo Prince Rama have announced they'll be releasing a new album in 2016. Xtreme Now is due out on March 4th via Carpark Records and is described in a press release as "the most extreme album Prince Rama has ever made."

Xtreme Now was born out of a vision band member Taraka Larson had while visiting an ancient Viking ruin: "In the year 2067, I witnessed an aesthetic landscape where art museums are sponsored by energy drink beverages and beauty is determined by speed," she says of the experience, which she says made her feel "in both the medieval ages and the year 2067."

"I saw a vision of ancient tapestries stretched across half-pipes and people base-jumping off planes with the Mona Lisa smiling up from their parachutes. I saw art merge with extreme sports to form a new aesthetic language of 'Speed Art.' I realized that time travel was possible via the gateway of extreme sports, and I wanted to make music that would provide the score."

The new release is preceded by first single and album opener 'Bahia', which is now available for you to stream below.

The album's tracklisting is as follows:

  • 1. 'Bahia'
  • 2. 'Your Life In The End'
  • 3. 'Now Is The Time Of Emotion'
  • 4. 'Slip Into Nevermore'
  • 5. 'Fake Til You Feel'
  • 6. 'Believe In Something Fun'
  • 7. 'Xtreme Now Energy'
  • 8. 'Fantasy'
  • 9. 'Sochi'
  • 10. 'Would You Die To Be Adored'
  • 11. 'Shitopia'