After a long-standing lawsuit between Prince and cosmetics company Revelations, both parties appeared to have settled terms out of court.

The suit originally stemmed from a 2008 dispute between the two parties. Revelations, according to Bloomberg reports, argued that Prince had breached his promotional contract with the company, which created two perfumes in his name. The company argued that Prince did not do enough to promote the products, one of which was called 3121, the name of his 2006 album.

He apparently refused contractually obligated interviews, failed to attend many live promotional events, and wouldn't offer samples of the 3121 perfume at performances. Revelations also argued that Prince refused to use his image to promote the product

In April 2012, a judge ruled that Prince and Universal Music Company must pay a settlement of $4 million to Revelations after the company failed to meet its minimum sales requirement for the product. Prince's attorney argued that he openly refused to do the promotions before-hand and was therefore not obligated to pay for the company's losses, which was dismissed by the New York judge, but Prince's party appealed the final ruling.

New reports indicate that both the original settlement and appeal were both withdrawn, however, with the exact terms of the new agreement not fully revealed. Expect more news in the coming days.