Prinze George were the progenitors of one of 2016's strongest LPs, Illiterate Synth Pop. Building off such a sensational debut can be a daunting task but if the group's latest single, 'Airborne,' is any indication, they are up to the challenge.

With the captivating vocals of Naomi Almquist front and center, 'Airborne' moves from beautiful beginnings and builds toward a bold, anthemic chorus. The sound is bright and inspiring, making the listener feel as though they could go out and take on the world. But the lyrics of the song are imbued with a lot of vivid and purposeful imagery, meant to convey a message about the music industry.

"Airborne was written on a plane, about a hypothetical plane crash," says Prinze George. "The crash is a metaphor for the risk involved in pursuing a career in the music industry with the one you love. In the end there are highs, lows, glory and no regrets."

You can stream Prinze George's 'Airborne' above (or below), and keep an eye out for more music coming from the band soon.