Phoenix-based precocious indie rockers PRO TEENS create music with a distinctive mood and flavorful palette. The guitar-driven troupe find themselves in the realm of lo-fi slacker rock mixed with ethereal undertones. This shimmering concoction has generated a sonic resonance channeling the likes of early to mid 90s indie rock with the cornerstones of punk to be discovered as well. After releasing their alluring 2016 sophomore album (debut on Broken Circles), Accidentally, the act returned last fall with the follow-up EP, Philistines. This endeavor featured the single ‘Tulsa’, and the band has just released the music video to complement the wistful opening track.

The melancholic but moving song moves like a mellow ocean current as it captures the pensiveness and bewilderment of adolescence to adulthood. Like driving down an open road anywhere in America, ‘Tulsa’ displays an easy-restful-peaceful feeling putting the listener in a transfixing state throughout its three and a half minute course. All in all, twinkling guitars, fizzy basslines, and yearning vocals inhabit the scene and that’s usually too damn good to ignore.

The video features PRO TEENS’ frontman Andy Phipps as a hapless and amateur gymnast. The singer portrays the character with a browbeaten demeanor along with the confusion and anxiety of finding your rightful place in the world. The lyrics within the chorus, “What was I supposed to be doing?” effectually sum up the sentiment found within this beautifully directed video by Ben Backhaus. Wildly effective and deeply reflective, PRO TEENS display their perception on 20-something year old life inching away from them and never to be returning again.

Philistines EP is out now via Broken Circles.