Incontinence. Unless you're talking about this in terms of how drunk somebody was when it happened to them, it's a tricky topic for men to discuss. So garnering a little more attention for the subject with as funny and quirky an ad as you can imagine, TENA Men are aiming to make it a little less of a sore point and more of, well, just an everyday thing.

In an advert reminiscent in some ways to that Old Spice commercial, TENA Men present a no-nonsense character (not unlike Denholm from The IT Crowd) called Stirling Gravitas who presents male incontinence as something that shouldn't make you "lose focus" in a series of alarming situations in which the man himself is comically unfazed.

He even has a Twitter account, from which he – i.e. a very lucky social media manager – tweets a range of testosterone-flavoured facts and pearls of wisdom:

Now, I'm no female, but I can certainly say that this is a lot more engaging than anything I've seen from TENA Lady in the past. Making light of something serious, or even something embarrassing that's difficult to talk about, is sometimes the easiest way to deal with it, and helps provide the first step into keeping it under control.