Tess Roby is a Montreal-based music maker who has just announced her debut album Beacon for release on May 4th via the prestigious Italians Do It Better label. Roby is deeply interested in her father's British roots, and his passing a few years ago was the impetus for the recording of her album. The title, Beacon, is taken from the landmark on Ashurst Hill in Dalton, Lancashire, where her father was from, and it holds a power over Roby; “Throughout my life I have felt the pull to return to it,” she says. “I’m beckoned by father’s roots and by the sullen landscape of fields leading to the coast.”

After her father's passing, Roby wrote the album in collaboration with her brother, and brought the songs into being with the use of synthesizers and drum machines that she found in her father's studio. Throughout the whole process that monument was present; "All the while the Beacon remained effervescent in my mind... Visions of it ablaze on the hilltop, standing motionless while I searched for understanding.”

She has aimed to turn this combination of haunting symbolism and a deep well of love into music that comprises the album. As an introduction she has released 'Catalyst', which seems to perfectly encapsulate all of these feelings. Seemingly skeletal in its production, but with some subtle hazy layers in there, 'Catalyst' is the perfect vessel for Roby to show off her deep and rich voice. With it she brings to life memories and emotions with an unteachable grace, making 'Catalyst' both a moving and deeply intriguing listen. Check it out below.

Beacon comes out on May 4th through Italians Do It Better. Follow her on Facebook and Twitter.