Update: TMZ have confirmed that the distribution company behind the documentary, SpectiCast, have filed a lawsuit against Drake.

Back in 2009, Drake performed a show in Toronto which was filmed for an upcoming documentary. According to the contract, Drake was paid $15,000, and given a 15% stake of the film's profits. It was also specified that if the concert sold out (which it did), Drake would play another show for $5,000.

Well get this: that second show never happened, and I doubt it will ever given Drizzy's condemnation of the documentary.

With that in mind, the producers are now considering filing a lawsuit of $15 million for libel: "we can drag him into a stadium tomorrow if we wanted to," says executive producer Mark Berry "Personally, I think he should honor his commitments. Even if he does a show and the proceeds go to charity, doesn't matter to us."

He has also stated that Drake and Cash Money have tried - unsuccessfully - to buy the filmed footage back: "I think he thought nothing was going to happen with the film," Berry added, saying the rapper had known of the film's evolution since he had previously approved an early trailer. "Not that he had to promote or market the movie; he could have kept his mouth shut. We've gotten more mileage with him sending out that tweet than anything."

Drake's Homecoming: The Lost Footage is to premiere tomorrow (19th March).