London-based singer/songwriter Charlene Soraia rose to recognition in 2011 when she covered The Calling’s ‘Wherever You Will Go’ for a Twinings tea commercial. That track, which is off her debut album Moonchild, has accumulated over 68 million streams on Spotify. After a few years had gone by, she followed up her debut with Love is the Law in 2015. She returned this year with a pair of singles, ‘Where’s My Tribe’ and this month’s ‘Tragic Youth’. On the latter track, the UK songstress shows off true grit with this absolutely stunning folk-pop endeavor.

As powerful as ‘Tragic Youth’ is in its initial recording, Soraia has now released a live performance video for the single. Featuring vehement fingerpicking, warm vocals, and lyrics that take on a heavyhearted past and an uncertain future, the impressive components here line up to form something rather heartrending and emotionally striking.

The video for ‘Tragic Youth’ was filmed outdoors and in it leaves fall gracefully from the neighboring trees. This halcyon setting is the perfect accompaniment to the current transformation of seasons. Lyrically and musically, the song itself has this vivid perception of time and life shaking hands, knowing that both wait for no one and can disappear in an instant. However, Soraia’s voice guides us to a certain light, the kind that will stay on for those willing to chase after it.

Charlene Soraia’s third LP, Where’s My Tribe, will be released on January 25th via Peacefrog.

Upcoming Tour Dates:
22nd November 2018: The Barrel House - Totnes, UK
23nd November 2018: Assembly Rooms - Glastonbury, UK
21st February 2019: Paper Dress Vintage - London, UK