Well, that was a quiet one. With most of the oddball psych-pop overlords that we usually champion are too busy with the festival circuit, we've seen (very) few great psych records come through in August.

Liverpool Psych Fest will be back with a reverb-heavy bang next month, which will keep us sane, but this month has been totally disappointing as far as Elevators-worshipping LPs go. Thankfully, though, two ever-relient drug-rock titans came through with respectively their best records to date.

Also - it's hot outside, you didn't want to sit inside and read this anyway.

Morgan Delt - Phase Zero

On his Sub Pop debut, Californian psych-pop liege Morgan Delt has found a sound that won't melt away in its own sunshine. Where the seams of his self-titled debut were awkwardly soldered together, Phase Zero is constructed so crisply that Delt's sunken-yet-elevating hush is the only real giveaway that this is the same artist.

On standout cut 'The System of 1000 Lies', Delt deals mostly in non-western string arrangements, contrasting delicate patterns with low-ended synth compositions; it's totally mesmeric and transformative - like all great psych records. If you're looking for criticisms of his unapologetic Syd Barrettisms, you're reading the wrong column.

of Montreal - Innocence Reaches

Kevin Barnes can write a pop song with the best of 'em. of Montreal's latest tour de force will probably disappoint a large proportion of their fanbase. It's unapologetically fun and catchy, more Grimes than Les Rallizes Denudes - which makes for their most effortlessly enjoyable LP to date. Inevitably, the 'they sold out' brigade will be quickest off the mark with this one, but - all Nuggets Compilations-learnt elitism aside - this is a fiercely creative and head-spinning record, the fact that the otherworldliness on show can be moulded into three-minute pop songs is closer to genius than laziness.

"For every psycho bitch there are 10,000 agro pricks" Barnes half-laughs on 'It's Different For Girls', the world would be so pure if everybody listened to Innocence Reaches just once.