You can be forgiven if you have not already heard of BIRDS, but rest assured that you will soon. This psych rock quartet from Brooklyn will release their debut album, Everything All At Once, through the fabulous Greenway Records on August 18. In celebration of that announcement, BIRDS is also premiering a new single, 'Get Away,' through The 405.

Composed of guitarist/vocalist Duane Lauginiger, bassist/vocalist Jessica Reynoza (of WILLOWZ), guitarist Jess Rees (of Russian Baths) and drummer Tim Plunkett (of Gondola), BIRDS draws from the melodic guitar pop of groups like The Flaming Lips and Galaxie 500. However, BIRDS never imitates, but instead builds on top of the foundation already set by those aforementioned bands, resulting in poignant, powerful and possessing pop songs.

Check out 'Get Away' below, preorder Everything All At Once (and take a look at the amazing physical releases that Greenway Records will be offering!) and take a look at an upcoming show date for BIRDS further down the page.

  • 15 June - Niagra; New York, NY