Just ahead of a lengthy North American summer tour, the glam-psych rock outfit Uni is dropping a new 7", 'The Girl Who Has It All.'

The bombast of 70s rock is alive and well 'The Girl Who Has It All,' as pounding drums, shredding guitars, and howling vocals meld together for a delicious slice of rock and roll. The track's delightfully strange stop-motion music video injects even more delirious fun into the proceedings.

And, as if things couldn't be great enough, the band says the song was inspired by socialite Kim Kardashian.

"We wanted to write a song about the most perfect woman in the world and we came up with a few names: Margaret Thatcher, Daryl Hannah, Joan of Arc, Anne Frank, Countess Bathory, Aretha Franklin, Mary Jo Kopechne, and Stormy Daniels to name a few," Uni explains. "But we realized Kim really had it all. Better than having it all, what she didn’t have, she could buy. Move over Rosa Parks, sit down Susan B…we wrote this for the woman who wrote Selfish: The Selfies of Kim Kardashian, as well as the long-awaited Selfish: The Selfies of Kim Kardashian with MORE ME! We hope you enjoy it as much as she enjoys herself.”

You can watch the fantastic music for 'The Girl Who Has It All,' and you can check out Uni's North American tour dates, including their May 18 record release show in New York, down below.

  • 12 May - Lee's Place (w/Mudhoney); Toronto, ON
  • 13 May - Bovine Sex Club; Toronto, ON
  • 18 May - Rough Trade (w/The Warbly Jets); Brooklyn, NY
  • 19 June - Aisle 5 (w/White Denim); Atlanta, GA
  • 20 June - Local 506 (w/White Denim); Chapel Hill, NC
  • 21 June - Ottobar (w/White Denim); Baltimore, MD
  • 23 June - House of Independents (w/White Denim); Asbury, NJ
  • 24 June - Johnny Brenda's (w/White Denim); Philadelphia, PA
  • 26 June - Monty Hall (w/White Denim); Jersey City, NJ
  • 27 June - BSP Kingston (w/White Denim); Kingston, NY
  • 28 June - Fete Lounge (w/White Denim); Providence, RI
  • 30 June - Wellfleet Beachcomber (w/White Denim); Wellfleet, MA
  • 12 July - Ophelia's (w/The Dandy Warhols); Denver, CO
  • 13 July - Ophelia's (w/The Dandy Warhols); Denver, CO
  • 14 July - Washington's (w/The Dandy Warhols); Fort Collins, CO