If you haven't yet heard of Mr. Koifish, you could be forgiven. Fronted by Morten Køie, the project is quite the enigma. The Danish project is invested in the nonsensical, playfully deconstructing multiple genres at once.

To realize his vision for his latest single, 'Be Loud', Køie linked up with UK artist Jody Barton. That'd be the fellow who's designed album covers for Phoenix’s Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix and Beck’s The Information, among others, folks.

Needless to say, the video boasts a distinct visual style, while Koifish's often goofy lyrics sneak into your ears from a vocoder, but the real greatness here comes from the music, an effortlessly charming drum groove, gentle, trotting bass, and synths that suddenly seem to encircle you completely.

Enjoy the visual and auditory feast below, courtesy of Mr. Koifish and co.