Following on from the darkly grooving 'The Line', New York's Public Memory have shared another glimpse of the upcoming album Demolition (out November 9th) called 'Red Rainbow'.

Still harnessing the power of nocturnal atmospheres, Public Memory has charged 'Red Rainbow' with an eerie underpinning of thick-as-mud but light-as-air synths, that whisper and spiral their way across the song yawning soundbed. Gradually more textures are slipped into 'Red Rainbow, and intertwined with these layers of analogue sound are ghostly female vocals that call to you, like shapeshifting spectres in a dream, compelling you to get up from your slumber and follow them unheedingly further into the darkness. Check out 'Red Rainbow' below.

Public Memory's new album Demolition will come out on November 9th via Felte - pre-order on Bandcamp.