Imagine a stormy night at sea, the waves are roaring and the sails are tangled. You're trying to steer a heavy load but the wind is whipping your hair across your face and you lose sense of direction. Then within your panic, you slowly start to find it. You're starting to hear the latest track from Public Memory, 'Zig Zag'. It is the third to be taken from full length Wuthering Drum, set for release March 18th.

A roiling bassline sets a sluggish pace, as electronic beats stomp in desperate urgency. Percussion moves hypnotically, whilst menacing drums lick the surface. Distinguishable, yet distantly eerie vocals meet in hymnal harmony, their high pitch kaleidoscopes into hisses and whispers. Brooding gothic darkness in its undertones, the intense track is heightened by its distorted trip-hop tint and led by dance infused beats.

The solo project of Brooklyn's Robert Toher, Public Memory was born during a brief stint in LA. Though, the music swaggers with an urban touch and no nonsense manner. Crafting ambient, atmospheric layers of raw and electronic in delicate blend. Conjure up those grubby emotions.

Wuthering Drum is set for release March 18th.