It’s just rock and roll. Don’t get tangled in the mic cord of categorizing killer bands. Cleveland, Ohio’s Puffy Areolas flirt with heavy, overdriven psych psychosis, clattering Stooges boogie, a little of skronk’s deranged clang, as well as the hyper-compressed, trebled-out wheezing of shitgaze (or whatever it’s called this year). But ultimately it’s dudes with guitars, playing to a backbeat. PA play like their nuts are escaping through their mouths, like the clock’s ticking, like they mean it, and ultimately better than 99% of your record collection.

This new Hozac EP (they’ve also been released by the equally great squall merchants Siltbreeze, plus track down their Record Store Day split with Purling Hiss to see how exciting subterranean US noise can be) cans three songs into barely six minutes. The title track lays out a nasty two chord guitar line and runs with it, while the drumkit gets pasted and distant, throttled vocals wail to keep up. Extra screes of mutant, fuzzy guitar cloak everything in a cloud of yowl. Halfway through it all opens up for some delirious pedal abuse while still cranking out harsh garage barks that bring to mind Oneida or bands on In The Red, but, you know, in the red. It’s diseased and life affirming, as is shot number two. ‘Psychomania’ has what sounds like a caveman playing power chords to begin with, before devolving into further acid scarred, string-bending nightmares. These are all good things by the way: Puffy Areolas take the standard rock and roll components and boil them down into a gibbering, primordial ooze of aceness. Last song ‘By The Hand’ even has a groove of sorts, an instrumental that steals the pushing bass of the Velvet Underground’s ‘European Song’ and the organ throb of Suicide’s ‘Ghost Rider’ to strut around like some mod corpse. It’s 67 seconds long. A blip to some. Lifeblood to others.