Label: Transgressive Release date: 21/06/10 Link: Myspace Buy: Amazon Hey you over there! Take off those dark robes you look stupid! Haven't you heard? These days its okay to play really heavy music and not take yourselves too seriously. Here take this - it's the debut album from the quite excellent Leeds lot Pulled Apart By Horses, listen to it and you'll see for yourself. That's a sample conversation that you could have with someone if you had a copy of this album. There's probably others too, but that's really deserving of a separate time and place. For now, let's focus on the main reason for buying this album - that it's really quite good. You see Pulled Apart By Horses have got this upbeat alternative rock formula near perfected. The songs in this album flicker past quickly like a flurry of punches but always managing to be entertaining. Starting with the thundering opener 'Back To The Fuck Yeah' which howls away like a sexually-frustrated wolf, followed by the also unrelentingly battering 'The Crapsons'. But just when it appears that's all this album has to offer, it shifts slightly into something lighter, based on choruses you could sing along to opposed to screaming verblessly in unison with. That's a smart move and the main reason that this album stays interesting. If you're looking for macho posturing that would disgust the RSPCA look no further than 'I Punched A Lion In The Throat' which whether its true or not marks another shift towards music marked by atonal guitar bends, bursts of controlled feedback (no Sonic Youth imitation though) and drumming that sounds like the noise a pneumatic drill would make in slow motion. The math-rock influences become steadily more obvious as the album progresses but the song structures tend to still resemble some good standard pop music, like what Hell's boy bands must sound like. The band clearly take some pride in creating some thunderous breakdowns towards the end of songs and these become something of a common feature, though they don't always fit neatly with the rest of the song. Its an overall nice and unhinged experience that sways between childish excitement and feral teeth-gnashing but while that showcase of various emotional extremes is all very good. It helps that the tunes are in good working order too. Photobucket