Hard rock/punk is a genre that is seeing a mainstream comeback. Not necessarily a bright one, but a comeback nonetheless. Bands such as Iceage and Cerebral Ballzy are getting a lot of attention lately, and for some odd reason people are lapping up their immature GCSE standard music like its 1977 all over again. Yes, yes they look the part, but thereʼs more to punk than studded leather jackets and cheap drugs (no, really there is). So it was a pleasure to hear some actually decent heavy music that has even had some airplay on Radio 1.

Pulled Apart By Horsesʼ first single from new album Tough Love is ʻV.E.N.O.Mʼ, and it is exactly what it says it is, not that shit from Twilight: a forehead-sweating instigator that occupies your whole body, making you air drum wherever you may be (be careful whilst driving).

ʻShake Off The Curseʼ screams out with ferocity with lines like ʻYou wont send me back to the dark placeʼ. ʻWildfire, Smoke & Doomʼ also cries cliched lyrics with ʻBuild a wall, we break it downʼ. If it was in any other genre of music I would be cringing, but while itʼs slowly giving me tinnitus through shouting and power chords, it feels oddly right and anthemic. ʻEpic Mythʼ stands out as one of the only tracks that doesnʼt really do anything, it just strolls along with no purpose or intention. I know some of the best punk songs are meaningless and snappy, but this song seems to be mediocre at best. The components of it seem too overused (simple riffs, odd shouting).

Itʼs no London Calling, but it sure is enough to get people excited about loud music again. And while Lana Del Rey and Azealia Banks take the world in 2012, itʼs nice to know that Pulled Apart By Horses will be setting it on fire.