Today sees Matt Emery (Stagecoach) release a covers EP entitled Pulled Apart By Matt Emery. As the title suggests, it's a collection of Pulled Apart By Horses songs, recorded in a whole new light, and it's bloody great. The EP is released for free and you can get it by clicking here! To get you up to the speed with the project, Mr Emery has written an article about how and why it come about. Photobucket The first time I saw Pulled Apart By Horses was at ROTA on a Saturday afternoon, it was during the Camden crawl a few years ago; I had just finished an acoustic performance with Stagecoach (the band I am in) and we ventured down to Notting Hill for the free ROTA gig at the Arts Club. They were playing with Copy Haho who I also was looking forward to seeing. All I had heard of PABH was the demo of ‘I Punched A Lion In The Throat’ on their MySpace, which was recommended by my good friend Tony (who did the artwork for the EP). As soon as Pulled Apart took to the stage I literally froze with excitement, it just ticked every single box for me from the first minute and was almost too much to take in, just the sheer energy of the whole show blew me away; I’d never seen a band dominate a room like this before, they literally climbed the walls, not only that but musically I just thought it was exciting, it was to be honest sloppy as hell but it just didn’t matter, I had just seen one of my favourite gigs ever, and already couldn’t wait to see them again. Fast forward a year and a half, I think I may have now seen Pulled Apart live more than any other band; not only that but I’d had the pleasure of supporting them on a couple of dates on their album tour including their album launch at the magical place that is Leeds Brudenell, one of my favourite gigs to date. The thing about Pulled Apart is not only do they have one of the best live shows but they have the songs to back it up, and that’s what inspired me to do a cover in the first place. I wanted to showcase one of their songs in a different light and literally pull it apart and spin it on its head, doing the complete opposite of what they do but in a way to show how strong and well written and flexible their songs actually are, covering it on my piano and singing the vocals rather than screaming. I chose ‘High Five, Swan Dive, Nose Dive’ as I really liked the guitar riff on the piano and had already mapped out some vocal ideas in my head. I recorded the ‘High Five’ cover in just a few hours; it all came together quite fast and put it up as a free download a couple of days later. Pulled Apart were kind enough to do a couple of tweets about it and put it up on their facebook group, and an hour or so later I was already nearing 500 downloads, with a lot of people getting in touch saying how much they enjoyed it and asking for me to do more. Someone even tweeted me requesting for me to do the whole album. I was quite overwhelmed with the amount of interest it received, and my initial thought was it would feature on a covers EP of various artists that I was planning on recording, but I changed my mind and decided to spend the time working on some more PABH songs, due to the reaction of ‘High Five’. So over the next few months in my spare time, I started crafting and recording the EP, which features the songs, ‘Yeah buddy’ (Piano Version and an Acapella Version) ‘Back to The Fuck Yeah’ on my acoustic and ‘I Punched A lion in The Throat’ again on the piano, (but that one turned into a bit of an epic as features, strings, synths, electric guitars, mega vocal harmonies and some sub bass too. Was an absolute nightmare to mix as it literally took on a life of its own.) So yeah in a nutshell PABH’s music is probably a million miles away from what I do normally (as I write soundtrack and atmospheric/mood pieces of music) but that’s what I wanted. If you’re going to do a cover, make it your own and put your stamp and ideas in as well, otherwise it’s not worth doing. I just wanted to take their songs and put a whole different spin on it, hopefully to not just amuse the pulled apart fans but maybe present their songs to some people who aren’t fans of rockier/heavier music. But I do hope The Pulled Apart Fans enjoy it, and a massive thanks to Pulled Apart for all their support in everything I’ve done. It really is a pleasure to see how well they have done over the past couple of years, and it couldn’t be more deserved. I’m really looking forward to their next album.