Toronto band PUP will be releasing their new album Morbid Stuff on April 5th. They've already shared the supreme 'Kids' and the absolutely hilarious video for 'Free At Last', and they're now making the wait for the album even more painful with another double header of tracks 'Scorpion Hill' and 'Sibling Rivalry'.

'Scorpion Hill' begins in a fashion very reminiscent of Titus Andronicus, and it's no surprise to hear that it's about "embracing your demons and finding some humour in the darkness." Nevertheless, it makes for a turbulent and thrilling listen, the song starting mellow, kicking into a buckaroo-esque mid-section, then fluttering back down into a confessional energy lapse - before bounding forth to the thrilling (accordion assisted) finale.

On 'Sibling Rivalry' we have a slightly more wholesome tale of annual camping trips taken by Stefan Babcock and his sister - but the tension is still high and the fury still on the surface. A bouncy and vicious pop-punk track, it's sure to become a shout-and-mosh along favourite at PUP's forthcoming live shows.

PUP's Morbid Stuff comes out April 5th via Big Dipper.