Austin, Tx band Pure X has shared 'Thousand Year Old Child', another track from their upcoming release, Crawling Up The Stairs.

'Thousand Year Old Child' is a sprawling track, opening with gentle arpeggio picked guitar chords and joined by drums and a droning electric guitar. Everything comes together with a sonic crunch as the melody swirls out of the noise. Singer Nate Grace's vocals are softly sung but insistent, riding the swells of the music. Beautiful guitar lines ripple in and out as the bass answers note for note. The song finds Pure X's maturing sound reflected in Grace's lyrics: "Sometimes I feel/like a thousand year old child" and "What am I doing/With my life?" express an uncertainty with things as the music swells again, reassuring us but never quite answering the question.

Crawling Up The Stairs is released on May 14 on Acephale.