Pure X (formerly known as Pure Ecstasy) hails from Austin, Texas. The trio's recent single 'Twisted Mirror' will be on a forthcoming LP for Acephale Records entitled Pleasure. It's due to be released July 5th in the States and will be available worldwide August 22nd. One might describe the band's idiosyncradic brand of psychedelic slow jams as Galaxie 500 meets late 60's acid-rock. The emphasis with Pure X, however, is on mellow tones and spacious vibes rather than indulgent improvisations. The adept guitar work on the track ranges between gentle wah-pedal leads to snarling, thundercloud atmospherics. Underneath that, the rhythm section meanders along, light as a feather. And, in a truly "pure" fashion, Pure X recorded the song live in the studio with no overdubs.