Having released his highly anticipated solo debut album My Name Is My Name earlier this month, rapper Pusha T opened up about the time his parents found out he was dealing narcotics.

He talks about that particular night saying it was a fight in front of his house that brought his parents' attention to the whole situation: "One time, somebody had owed me some money. We got into a scuffle–me and the person got into a scuffle. Me and a couple guys got into a scuffle. And the guy came back and shot in front of my parent's home."

Pusha T also revealed that it was his brother Malice who first got caught selling drugs, that eventually got him kicked out of the house: "My brother stepped out early. He's been the head of a household for years on his own."

The conversation took place during an interview with Sway Calloway and Shade 45, when the rapper was quizzed about some of the lyrics on his album. You can watch his full interview below. [via HipHopDX]

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