Rapper Pusha-T has been pushing more than rhymes, having recently pushed back the release of his new LP, My Name Is My Name.

Pusha-T spoke at length about the decision with Vibe, stating that after turning in the album in June, he headed back into the studio to tweak the record. It was during this time the rapper received new beats from none other than Kanye West. Among the beats was one from actor Joaquin Phoenix. That's right, the actor. Of course, Phoenix was the star of the film I'm Still Here, a documentary purported to be about his exit from acting and the beginnings of his own hip-hop career as Joaquin Feenix. The film was later revealed to be a hoax, but it seems some good may have came from the exercise.

Pusha hopes to use Phoenix's beat for his album's intro, but it looks as if we have a while to wait yet. My Name Is My Name has no new release date for now.

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