Pusha T has shared the lyrics to 'Untouchable', just a day after becoming president of G.O.O.D. Music. It's the first track to be taken from his new album King Push. He uploaded the lyrics to Genius, later sharing a snippet of the song on his Tumblr. Interestingly, it features a Biggie sample; earlier in the year Pusha explained his admiration for the late rapper in an interview earlier this year:

"I believe the Notorious B.I.G. was the greatest rapper who’s ever lived. I remember in ‘94, when Ready to Die came out, I was in 11th grade, living in my mother’s house in Virginia. There was a frenzy at my high school, arguing and talking about that album. We used to spend hours in the car, reciting his raps, trying to figure out what in the hell made him veer off in this way or that way.

"Some rappers just say a punchline, and it’s like, “OK, we get it.” But Big delved deep. He was a master painter with words. And his flow was just so effortless. I mean, I think I’m an awesome writer, but my bars still sound like bars. Big had all these intricacies, all these colors, all these witty things – and it didn’t sound like a rap. It was a conversation."

The lyrics to 'Untouchable' reference the Pusha T's recently announced presidency of Kanye's label, U2 and Donald Trump, amongst other things; read them over on Genius, and see his tweet concerning the lyrics below.