Our favourite album of last year was Pusha T's Daytona, so we're quite excited to have a fairly quick return with a couple of new tracks (that ostensibly come from the same period as the Kanye-produced album). Earlier this week he shared 'Sociopath', the dark and yet loving track featuring Kash Doll, and today he follows it up with the Lauryn Hill assisted 'Coming Home'.

On 'Coming Home' they flip the script, coming out triumphant and upbeat, using Hill's powerful voice to full effect. Pusha is effervescent in his flow, still not pulling punches even amid the joyous-sounding song, simultaneously glorifying and sympathising with kids who've been forced to make tough choices and act outside the laws to survive.

The track comes in conjunction with Pusha's announcement that he’s joined forces with Brittany K. Barnett’s Buried Alive Project and MiAngel Cody’s The Decarceration Collective to launch the ‘Third Strike Coming Home Campaign'. He has given $25K donation that will support Barnett and Cody as they look to hire more lawyers to fight for more people who are buried alive under life sentences for federal drug crimes.

Check out both 'Coming Home' and 'Sociopath' below.