Put Your Hands Up For Neo-Tokyo (No, they couldn't have chosen a longer name), aka. PYHUFNT, are currently working on their debut album. To celebrate, the Norwegian band have put out their first single, 'The Ghost', through SoundCloud. It's fresh from the studio and mixing, and the result is exactly 4 minutes and 25 seconds of pure pleasure! When I listen to the song, for some reason I get a picture of a guy running through a creepy industrial area. The vocal has a unique sound to it, and it's really addictive. (My stereo has been playing the song on repeat for hours!) I also love the mix of the harsh drumming, noizy and psychedelic guitar, excellent synthesizing and the soft female choiring at the end. PYHUFNT's music has some Yeasayer vibes to it, but that is definitely a good thing! When it comes to playing live, they are equally as impressive as they sound on their recorded material.

The digital release of 'The Ghost' is June 4th, through the newly established music agency Shadow Agency. The date of the full debut album is still TBA, but the agency has expressed that it will hopefully be out before the end of this year.