Pyramid has just released a shiny new batch of songs that have the potential to take their place among your favourites, and to celebrate the Parisian producer has listed of a few of his own favourite tracks just for us. He nods to a bunch of fellow countrymen and shows respect for a bona-fide-modern-chart-topping legend. Some of the tracks will make perfect sense to anyone who's heard his music; they're ingredients, influences that are ingrained into Pyramid's pounding sound. Then there's the flavouring, a few classics that just used to sound good in his dad's car.

See Pyramid's picks below or click here to stream his excellent new track 'Astal', taken from the new EP The Phoenix which is out now on Kitsuné (buy it here).

Favourite Movie Soundtrack Song: Philip Glass - 'The Illusionist Orange Tree'

Hard choice, I watch so many movies and I like a tons of soundtracks but, that might sounds easy, Hans Zimmer or John Williams have delivered so many good ones. I'll try to change a bit and I'll pick Philip Glass - 'The Orange Tree', a track from The Illusionist and which appeared in the UK Trailer of King's Speech. it's a total masterpiece for me.

Favourite Sad Song: Moby - 'Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad?'

Easy one, this one can makes me cry after one listen, Moby is quite the king for sad but deep atmospheres. 'Why does my heart feel so bad?'. The title is quite evocative about how joyful Moby seems to be! But I love this LP, this is the first album which had an impact on me.

Favourite Song From Your Childhood: Supertramp - 'School'

I'd have chosen Moby - 'Porcelain' because this is definitely the track which defined the most my childhood but as I already said Moby I'll choose Supertramp - 'School', that's probably one of my favourite dad's track, he used to listen it every time we had a to take the car to go somewhere.

Favourite Song That No-one Else Has Heard Of: Pilotpriest - 'Streets Of Fire'

Pilotpriest is a Canadian who doesn't have the reputation he should have, this guy is a genius as a film maker and as a musician and his track « Streets of Fire » is kind of a proof, I'd love to hear this track on an epic Sci-Fi movie.

Favourite Club Anthem: Daft Punk - 'Da Funk'

I discovered Daft Punk much later than usual people, maybe 3 or 4 years ago to be honest, I was aware of their sound but never took the time to listen it properly and I said to myself, 'How stupid you are, you could have listen that many years ago!; But in the end I loved really badly Homework and Discovery after that, and 'Da Funk' is a crazy Acid - Funk track!

Favourite Song To Hear At A Wedding: Indeep - 'Last Night A Dj Saved My Life'

Indeep's classic track, this groove is unbelievable, simple but so efficient, it opens my set like every time I play, easy but you can play it after everything, it will always work!

Favourite One-Hit Wonder: Justice - 'D.A.N.C.E'

These guys are the one who gave me the desire to make music. I'll always remember the first time I heard this track, I was on their MySpace, and they just dropped the 'B.E.A.T' version at first which is insane too and then D.A.N.C.E. and I literally fell in love with this tune.

Favourite Lyric From A Song: M83 - 'Echoes Of Mine'

It's kinda rare to hear french lyrics on American tracks, except the fact M83 is french at first, he's now more considered as American than French for his music. 'Echoes of Mine' is a wonderful story told by an old woman, the voice treatment made it even more interesting, it gives life to it, it sounds like a life testimony. Brilliant.

Favourite Song Currently In The Top 40: Pharrell Williams - 'Happy'

Pharrell without any doubt. This guy is a legend, he produced some of the biggest, made some crazy tunes with N*E*R*D and is still on the top and I love his way of thinking, he seems to be a really positive guy and real music lover, that's why he owns all the respect he got.

Favourite Song From Your Own Music: Pyramid - 'Wolf'

Let's say 'Wolf' is my rock side, I loved the guitar solo, the guy who made it, Traxx, made it really quickly and it was quite impressive to see, I always wanted to mix rock parts to heavy electronic beats and I'm really happy with the result !