As certain pair of robots, (and to be honest anyone on Ed Banger Records' roster) continue to hold the monopoly on French Electronica, it is perhaps unsurprising that it took years for College to reach the global success his sound deserves.

Developing an increasingly emotive, human take over cinematic foundations since his under the radar debut back in 2008, David Grellier really came into the spotlight in 2011 when 'A Real Hero', the dreamy arpeggiated collaboration with Electric Youth went somewhat viral after soundtracking the critically acclaimed Drive. Gosling aside, Grellier has been an incredibly busy and in-demand man since then, releasing a remix EP and the well-received Northern Council pretty much straight after the hype was reignited, along with a new record due for release next month.

With Heritage, Grellier's third full album under the College moniker set to drop on September 16th through Invada Records, we caught up with the illusive producer to discuss buzz, creative influences and of course, French sci-fi.

So David, Heritage is out on September 16th, tell us about the record, how long has it been in the making?

I started to work on Heritage straight after Northern Council in 2011, my goal was to follow my mystic, new age and science fiction influences.

Is there anything you've done differently this time around?

In terms of composition no, I still use the same software, Fruity Loops. It's very interesting to work always with the same tools, as you need to be more creative.

We saw that this record was inspired by sketches you found from your childhood, would you say looking back into your past is now the best way for you to ignite this creativity?

I think that every creation is based on past references, and I like to search for themes to express my creativity. I watch a lot of movies and I take time to listen to music a lot too. It's very important for an artist to stay connected with the arts in general. College is a project built around my memories and mainly my childhood.

This inspiration must have been your most personal creative process to date, was it daunting making a record from subject matter that was so close to you?

It's a rare opportunity to pay a tribute to artists who really help me to develop my imagination, like Jean Giraud.

Do you think you'll have to go more 'personal' as such in the future, or do you plan to find inspiration in other pursuits?

I have new ideas for a forthcoming EP in 2014, and that will be a new adventure with new themes.

As always you've produced an album that sounds incredibly cinematic, have you considered what kind of visuals world accompany the record (if any)?

I see animation without computer-generated graphics, and real model kits of weird landscapes, something which defines a mystic quest.

Unlike anything you've released as 'College' before, every track name on 'Heritage' is in French, what was the reasoning behind this?

It's to follow the main idea around the album, as the record is a tribute to French science fiction, and the likes of Bilal, Moebius, Laloux, Chalopin, Deriès etc.

'A Real Hero' undeniably made you known on a global scale, have you felt pressure to recreate that type of sound with this record as it was so successful, or have you instead tried to distance yourself from it and show a new side?

I think to recreate something like 'a real hero' makes no sense, it's a disc from 2009 with his own history now, I'm more curious to search and express something new.

Has this recent worldwide success in the last two years allowed you to embrace ideas you couldn't before, or limited you to what you feel you should create?

It especially allowed me to meet new artists and to build great collaborations such as with the English label Invada Records, who are really passionate.

...and finally, what's next on the agenda for 'College' after this album?

A new EP in 2014, and I hope more live shows everywhere.

College will return to British shores in September to play a series of dates around the country, details of which can be found below:

  • 23 September Liverpool Leaf
  • 24 September London Cargo
  • 25 September Brighton The Haunt
  • 26 September Bristol Start The Bus