Free Swim, Flash Bang Band, Otti v Robodad and BB are taking the stage at Green Door Store on May 25th which should be a very fun affair. Ahead of the gig we asked Andy Halliday, the singer/guitarist for Flash Bang Band, a few questions about why the good folk of Brighton should be there.

The 405: Describe the gig you've got coming up in 5 words.

Andy Halliday: Super-Cali-Fragilistic-Expialy-Docious.

Why should we come down?

Because all of the bands are quite new in their existences yet show a heck lot of promise each, by themselves. Headliner's Free Swim were hosted by the Neon Filler blog at Green Door store a few months ago and in the words of the dude who runs GDS, "we were roadblocked". We (Flash Bang Band) are enjoying moving from strength to strength in our sort of 'unrelenting' way with this being the third of 3 nights we've curated in town drawing on talented pals we've made over the last few years to help put together interesting shows that both the bands and the audience share the desire for a 'HELL YEAH' kind of vibe... it's gone really well so far. Also on the bill are Otti & Robodad which is a sort of 'Variety Revue' of Otti Albietz's solo thing and his band Unicorn Dad vrs Robodad. Both are equally wonderful and well worth you r attention - Otti really gets around with great connections to Lo-Fi stuff in London and the Bohemia Club in Hastings and down that way... Bb are also way new but most likely going to do pretty well. 'Galvanised' describes their brand of pop. It's Billy from that band Redtrack (who Rob our bassist knows well) and his new band, from Southsea.

Who is Yolanda The Panda?

Personally, my understanding is that Yolanda must be a pretty young panda. The eldest is in the world is in Berlin Zoo, at the age of 33, and sits eating bamboo all day long. Yolanda is the bass player in Free Swim and is pretty damn lively. We understand Yolanda attracts a lot of fascinated youthful females along to shows which is OK by us but unusual as she's a she. In fact, if any readers could mention that to their friends..?

What tracks should we hear from the bands playing before we go?

If I was allowed one each, I would recommend the following:

'The Smell Of Pregnany' by Free Swim:

'Cupid' by Flash Bang Band:

'Hide and Seek' by Otti Albietz:

'Walk of Shame' by Bb:

What can we expect from the acts playing?

Bouncing around, brain freeze, smiling, laughing, sweating, noise - LOTS of noise. Some cool T-Shirts maybe! Spilling of drinks, hot animalistic instinctual smelling...

The gig is on May 25th @ Green Door Store. £4. Tix also available from Resident / Rounders / Ape in Brighton. Click here for the Facebook event.

Following the gig will be TRIIAL with Novella, Magic Eye and Female Band, from 23:00 - 04:00, £FREE