Following on from their 2011 EP Sweater Weather Forever, Mood Rings are back with their hotly anticipated debut album, VPI Harmony. To celebrate finally having new Mood Rings to listen to, with their slightly melancholic 80s shoegaze sound, we caught up with the guys to find out a bit more about them, and what's next on their to-do list.

How did you guys get started?

We all came together to try something a bit more experimental than the other projects we had going on at the time. We all played in groups that had sort of stylistic boundaries. I think we just wanted to find other sounds.

How are you finding reception from the UK?

Well we certainly can't wait to visit, if that's what you mean. We have heard that we're getting a bit of radio play there so that's exciting.

What are your main influences?

Time, pain, love, mystery, sex, pressure, symbols, weather. Things like that.

Where did the band name come from? I remember mood rings in the 90s. They were pretty exciting.

A fortune cookie within a dream.

What's the Atlanta scene like right now?

Young, diverse, noisy, claustrophobic.

What's been your 2013 highlight so far?

We’re happy to have our first full length coming out, so I think the 2013 highlight is coming at the end of this month.

Do you look to the past or the future with your music?

I think we pull mostly from the present. We have our influences from the past, but many times we fight them. I think we do find ourselves thinking about the next song though.

An alien has just landed on Earth. What would your music tell them?

“Relevance is king in the time of the distracted.” After they pirate it universally, I would hope they would remix one of our tunes.

What's your best show story?

We played a great show in Toronto once. Two songs in, the police shut it down, but it had such a resonant energy to it. We also had to travel to SXSW a couple years back in a van without seats shared with another band. We were human sardines.

What's next on the cards for you?

We’re ready to tour. We have a short tour run up the East Coast in July, but hopefully more dates to come. We have been working on new material and concepts and are out to make unadulterated art.

VPI Harmony is out now on Mexican Summer.