Having recently played Hackney's first Visions Festival with pop producer Mika Levi, aka Micachu, London fashion grad Tirzah is taking the alt-dance scene by storm. Signed to experimental dance label Greco-Roman, Tirzah released her debut EP at the start of the month - an EP which features Mica's brilliant production skills.

The title track, 'I'm not Dancing' is all about clean, 'cool as fuck' production, a sweet garage vibe and Tirzah's awesome soulful vocals as the main event. With such an excellent debut, it's no wonder Tirzah's been attracting plenty of attention.

We caught up with her about what influences, her cool sound, her debut EP and what it's like working with the brilliant Micachu.

Your new track 'I'm Not Dancing' is great! Tell the truth, do you dance to the song when you sing it?

Thanks! Er, is that a trick question?

What were you up to before this collaboration came about?

I was about to start my GCSEs.

You and Mica have worked together in the past on a Boiler Room mix and on Micachu's 'Filthy Friends Mixtape'. Do the collaborations come about naturally because you're mates or does one of you approach the other with a set thing in mind?

A bit of both really.

What came first on this track the lyrics or the music?

The lyrics.

Do you find that working with friends helps you creatively?

Maybe a little bit because you can say if you think it's crap.

Are you planning any live dates for you EP release? How will the set up work, will you both be playing together?

We've done a couple of gigs as a DJ and live PA Set up.

Can you tell us a bit about the EP and how that's sounding?

It's three main songs, a dub and a skit. I don't know what to say about how it sounds... hopefully good!

My research tells me that Tirzah is from the Hebrew 'She is my delight' are you delightful and what inspired the name change from Taz?


The single and your vocals in particular have a really cool RnB/ Garage vibe. Are you excited about the buzz there is around that kind of music at the moment?

I just love listening to garage, for me the buzz has always been there.

What genre was your first musical love?

Aside from Michael Jackson, it would be soul.

What's it like being on Greco- Roman- are there any other artists on the label that you're listening to at the moment?

They've been really good - it's great they wanted to put it out because this is all new to me.

Recommend us some new music please!

Nwa gezani. This is old, but I've been listening to Timbaland and crew-Da Bassment mix.

I can't find you on Facebook, does that mean that you're anti Social Media?

Disorganised. (Update: She can now be found over here)

Any hilarious anecdotes from your school days with Mica that you'd like to share with us?

Too many to know where to start. Yikes!

What do we have to look forward to from you in the future?

Just uploaded a mixtape called 'What's The Time'- its all about sweat / heat. We did it in the heat wave - it's on Dazed I think.

Tirzah's I'm not Dancing EP is out now on Greco-Roman. You can purchase it from here.