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With only a week to go until they play Green Man Festival, we asked London-based duo Jupiter-C a couple of questions about their appearance at the event (which happens to be their first ever festival appearance!).

Why should people come and see you at Green Man?

It's difficult to detach ourselves from the live performance so putting into words why people should watch us is harder still. We've been working on a live set which we hope will sonically challenge the audience. We want people to be aurally and visually immersed, with sounds and sights which complement one another yet leave you feeling slightly disjointed all at once. Our friend Sapphire Goss (of Planet Caravan) worked with us on the visuals and she has done an excellent job in producing a sense of defamiliarisation which adds another dimension. That being said, we just have a great set of songs that we're in love with.

Do you approach festival sets differently to ordinary shows?

Green Man is our first festival! We're so excited as we came last year and had an amazing time. To be on the artist side this year is a dream. With this being a completely new experience, it's difficult to know how it will pan out so we're just going to approach it head on, but we imagine the nerves may be amplified. We'll try to throw that straight back into the performance and, in doing so, probably make even more noise. We can't wait.

If you were given the keys to Green Man, who would you ask to headline and why?

A difficult one. However, given the setting we'd love to see Portishead on the Mountain Stage. If a time machine was involved, we'd probably book The B-52s, Beastie Boys, Can, and Sonic Youth too.

Who will you be looking to check out at this year's Green Man?

So many. Bill Callahan... we'd actually have him if we had the festival keys, so this is a big deal. Additionally, we're looking forward to Angel Olsen, Fat White Family, Hockeysmith, Toy, Kurt Vile, Sharon Van Etten, Luke Abbott, Thought Forms, MXLX... not forgetting our pal East India Youth too. We'll need a fix of Hinterland to set us up for After Dark.

Lastly, would you rather lose all of your old memories, or never be able to make new ones?

Old memories often become fragments of the original moments. There is little verisimilitude in memory. Therefore, we're inclined to say we'd rather lose all of our old memories rather than be unable to create new ones. The opportunity and intrigue that comes with being able to approach the world afresh is one that we'd have to take up. We'd be able make new memories and we'd have the pleasure of experiencing defining moments (long in the past) all over again.