The one thing hip-hop thrives on is the creation of new stars, the ascendance of brash and daring characters into the cultural conscience. London based Grime MC and producer Romani Lorenzo aka Scrufizzer certainly has that priceless star quality. His single 'Rap Rave' released back in January is the sort of pop/grime hybrid that straddles both genres effortlessly and has helped to cemented Scrufizzer as grimes next breakout star. Ill Communication posed the man himself a few questions to find out about the "fizzy flow".

When did you beginning making music and what was your specific entry point into the grime scene?

I started making music from the age of 11. I was first introduced to the grime scene at the age of 15, then I really got involved when I first went to Kiss FM in about 2007.

You've been making music from an early age. Do you feel this gives you a certain degree of experience that will benefit you as you take that next leap in your career? How have you evolved as an artist from your earliest recordings?

Because I have been doing it for so many years, I've been able to hone my own style and develop Fizzy Flow. I started off just doing the same spits but now my style is quite diverse, which hopefully you'll see when I do my album.

Can you describe your writing process? Is their a specific Scrufizzer sound that you are looking for when you write or does everything for evolve naturally?

Everything just evolves naturally. I write on my journeys more when I'm travelling, I don't know why that is.

How would you describe your music for the uninitiated?

Energetic, fun, lyrical, articulate, natural sound.

'Rap Rave' is your forthcoming single, was it always obvious that this song would be a single?

Yeah, I got a sick beat in from Paperbwoy, which I instantly loved. All I had to do then was write the lyrics and it just flowed naturally.

There is a strong intensity and brutality to ‘Rap Rave’. It’s quite experimental for a grime track. Is it important for you to challenge the audience and experiment?

I think it's always important to try new things.

'Rap Rave' has been getting a good deal of airplay on Radio 1 yet it's not really an overtly poppy song. Are you surprised at how successful it has been?

Yeah, I'm very surprised, didn't expect it. It was a shock (but a good one!) to be on Grimmy at breakfast time!

There seems to have been an age-old debate in Grime about underground credibility vs. commercial success i.e. poppier material. Do you think those two ideas should necessarily oppose each other and do you believe it is possible to combine both successfully?

I believe it's possible to combine both successfully as long as you maintain the correct balance.

Where do you see Grime as we head into 2013? What possibilities are there for the future?

I reckon the scene will elevate and more people will take to this genre of music. A lot of barriers will be broken down.

As you're an MC and a producer, which do you consider more important the lyrics or the sound. Do both naturally inform each other?

I get asked this all the time. I think they are both equally important.

What other producers have influenced your work?

Loads - Jay Electronica, Kanye West, Diplo to name a few.

Have you started recording an album and if so what can we expect from it?

Expect the Fizzy Flow in many different forms!

You have just been supporting Kendrick Lamar. How was that experience and has being in close proximity to an artist like that influenced you in any way?

It has made me have more belief in the music I am doing. It also gave me an experience that I never had before. Kendrick's a great example that if you keep at it and work hard, good things can happen.

There is a certain inevitability that you will be compared to Dizzee Rascal a lot, how do you feel about those comparisons? Do you embrace any such comparisons?

I believe in order to describe something, you have to compare it to something else and being compared to someone great like Dizzee Rascal can only mean good things.

Finally, what’s your main ambition for 2013?

To complete the Fizziotherapy album and stay positive.

You can visit Scrufizzer by heading here.