Swedish pop gets infused with soul by 23-yearold vocalist, Seinabo Sey, whose breakout single 'Younger' has taken the Hype Machine by storm. In the video for Seinabo Sey's coming of age anthem, friends gather in the forest for a spiritual retreat seeking revelation and solace, while the gospel undertones in Sey's vocals deliver a message of hope and motivation to be true to yourself while you still can.

We had a chance to ask the soulful songstress a few questions, as her debut single starts to sizzle!

Tell us about the Scandinavian music scene!

It definitely is, and always has been, flourishing. I've found that there's something about the Swedish way of creating melodies that appeals to a lot of people outside the country.

You're such a powerhouse vocalist! Tell us about your beginnings: did you start singing at an early age? When did you decide to pursue it professionally?

I've been singing as long as I can recall. My father was a vocalist, so I've always been around music. I started dreaming of becoming a singer when I was about nine and saw Destiny's Child on MTV for the first time. I must have been about 15 when I realized that I could hold my own and maybe even make it a career.

The lyrics to 'Younger' imbue a sense of urgency about being true to yourself before it's too late. Are the lyrics personal to you?

Very much so, I always try to write from my own perspective and life experiences, as well as what people need to hear, rather than think they want to hear.

You have a remarkable talent in your voice. How does that inform the songwriting process - do you usually start with lyrics?

Thank you! Most of the time I scribble down different phrases and poems everywhere. When it comes time to compose a song I gather them all and start singing however the words come naturally.

We sense a lot of soul, R&B influences in your voice. What made you want to work with mega pop producer Magnus Lidehäll?

Initially, I knew Magnus from early hip-hop tracks that he produced with various Swedish acts. I had great respect for that, so I always felt safe in our mutual love for hip-hop. Plus, he's a really nice guy and I'm an avid believer in collaborating with people who are easy and open-minded.

The KYGO remix of 'Younger' is getting a lot attention! Have you thought about collaborating with any other electronic producers?

No, not really. I love the genre but I'm not looking to dive any deeper. Of course, if I hear something I Iove, I'm always down!

You can find out more about Seinabo Sey by heading here.