Jumping on board with Berlin producer Nick Donovan aka DEADBEAR for his new track 'Tongues' is Japanese musicmaker Qrion, resulting in luscious selection of percussion thickets strewn along a soundscape of thudding kicks and ambient, glassy synths with wibbling, incomprensible vocal samples weaving in and out. This CSCN-released single also comes with a B-side in the form of the rather stunning 'Oo Oo', a gradual building up into a cliff face of moody explosive synth chords, all the time punctuated by the rhythmic eponymous vocal samples oo-ing into the ticking void of these delicious beats.

All in all, DEADBEAR's debut with CSCN combines meticulous attention to detail with friendly beats, in flavours ranging from spacey chill to simply intense; another example of leftfield modern music curated by the never-failing label.

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