When rumours. soundbites and press releases for a new Queens of the Stone Age album begin to circulate, you would be forgiven for secretly hoping names such as Mark Lanegan, Nick Oliveri and David Grohl might just appear. 'Why?' you may ask. Because Songs for the Deaf is why. It's a modern classic behemoth of pulsating rockness that still throbs with an elegantly wasted intent over a decade later. It brims with hooks and heaviness, underpinned with Mr Grohl's often spectacular 'on holiday from Foo Fighters' drumming.

Well, he is back full time on the new record ...Like Clockwork, and both Mark and Nick are present for cameos. What you might not have banked on is the guest list of other contributors that Josh Homme has on speed dial: Alex Turner, Trent Reznor, Jack Shears, James Lavelle... and someone by the name of Elton John.

Whilst we wait for the new album to reveal itself in full, Josh has taken the touring version of his baby on the road for some promo, revealing new music for us along the way. 'My God Is The Sun' and 'I Appear Missing' have already made themselves known, and today 'Keep Your Eyes Peeled' has been added to the weight of expectancy.

This new track eschews obvious melody in favour of pure groove and attitude. The result is magic. It’s unmistakably Queens, with super downtuned guitars embalmed with desert dust, but this song taps into something a little deeper too. Something minimal and soulful.

Keep Your Eyes Peeled has been captured live here, and demonstrates a band sounding terrifyingly on point, despite the lengthy absence. If you like Queens when they’re dirty, you’ll adore this. Because its absolutely filthy.

...Like Clockwork is released on June 3rd via Matador Records.