Questlove appeared on Democracy Now! to discuss a number of issues including racial profiling and the first time he was pulled over by police.

Before he was pulled over, Questlove had been at a record store after going to teen bible study on a Friday night. "There was a Tower Records on South Street, and a friend of mine wanted to purchase U2's The Joshua Tree album, which just came out. They were coming to Philly at RFK's stadium, so you wanted to study the record and know all the material before they came, so we went and purchased The Joshua Tree."

He continued, "We were driving home, and then, seconds later, on Washington Avenue in Philly, a cop stopped us, and he was holding a gun on us. There's nothing like the first time that a gun is held on you. We're sixteen, mind you. Sixteen, seventeen years old. And I just remember the protocol. I remember my father telling me, 'If you're ever in this position, you just slowly keep your hands up.' He did it in sort of a humorous way that Richard Pryor did... My friends didn't know that, so they just thought it was normal, and I was like, 'Yo, get your hands up! Get your hands up!'"

The discussion then lead to the recent federal judge ruling about the NYPD targeting Black and Hispanic communities through their unconstitutional stop-and-frisk policy. The Roots artist said, "I was utterly shocked. That's something that just came out of left field, because I, too, was wondering...will stop-and-frisk just be a way of life? Just two, three weeks ago, I wasn't frisked, but I definitely know that I was stopped for unknown reasons, that I was just the wrong person in the wrong automobile. I get stopped all the time."

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