I have an Oculus Rift at home. Apart from using it to play Half Life 2 (it's amazing by the way) and ride a few rollercoasters, the device is yet to realise its true potential. The recent buyout of Oculus by Facebook may plough the way for more ambitious experiments with the device, maybe even some that replicate what Swedish Broadband provider ume.net did for their recent advertising campaign.

Cooking is so easy

Hooked up with an Oculus Rift, webcam, and noise cancelling headphones, brave volunteers subjected themselves to living with lag. If you are unsure what lag means, then you can try this Urban Dictionary link or this standard 'no frills' target="_blank">link. The result of the video is brilliant as the users stumble around to a dance class or completely mess up a standard cooking recipe.

Watch the advert below and then if you want, drop me a tweet and maybe i'll invite you round to come play with the rift. We can go cooking together whilst swimming through the deep blue sea.