When it comes to devotion, our best examples of it in the natural world are just metaphors. It is easier to compare our fragile emotions to the unwavering path of celestial bodies—who can argue with destiny? Never mind that what seems so divine is simply a feat of physics. The new song from Quiet Kids focuses on the floating rock that shoulders a great deal of humanity’s expressions of love; listen to ‘My Moon’ below.

"'My Moon' is a love song to my wife. No matter what our lives throw at us she’s always there, like the moon, leading me in a calm way. I started writing that song when we were in between homes trying to figure out where we wanted to settle. I realized we were each other’s home and we didn’t really have to worry about finding a place for ourselves." – Andy Peña, songwriter

The McAllen, Texas quartet led by Andy Peña prides itself on the shimmering melodies that can be found throughout their new single. Synthesizers blush with infatuation, and the lyrics take it further. If it were available at karaoke, it would make a great selection for anyone drunk and in love: mic in hand, they turn their back to the monitor and point out their partner in the crowd while slurring, “Baby, you’re the one, you’re the only one here, you’re the only one I feel.”

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