Boston band Quilt have detailed their upcoming sophomore record Held In Splendor, which is due out on January 27th via Mexican Summer. The album was produced by Woods member Jarvis Taveniere at Mexican Summer's in house studio over the course of a month, as opposed the year it took them to record their first album with help from their friends.

They premiered a new single from that album as well, 'Arctic Shark', which will be released as a 7" with the non-album track 'As We Follow' on the other side of the record. If you're at all interested, the 7" can be grabbed here, and the full length can be pre-ordered over at Mexican Summer.

  • 1. Arctic Shark
  • 2. Saturday Bride
  • 3. Eye of the Pearl
  • 4. Mary Mountain
  • 5. Tie Up the Tides
  • 6. The Hollow
  • 7. A Mirror
  • 8. Just Dust
  • 9. The World Is Flat
  • 10. Tired & Buttered
  • 11. Secondary Swan
  • 12. Talking Trains
  • 13. I Sleep in Nature