What's up with all these kids killing it? I was barely confident enough (read: I really wasn't) to talk to the pretty girl in my Italian class at 19, yet in 2018, the likes of Hana Vu and even fresher face Christinna O are arriving with sounds already fully formed.

Knowing she was meant for music, and that music was meant for her, ever since her youngest days in Philadelphia listening to Aaliyah on her parent's system, O has evolved beyond the catchy confines of 2000's R&B into something lush and oh so "now."

'Shelter' is the perfect introduction to her searching, youthfully curious sound. Christinna explains, "This last time last year, I was writing/conceptualizing this song in my grandmother’s bathroom. I was having more than one account where something or someone was making my love feel small in the world."

Check it out below, and look out for her EP, Girl in Passing, come next spring.

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